So I’m all minding my own business walking back to work(yes, on a saturday) from Baja Fresh cuz it’s a nice day out and hell, my skin needs color anyway right?….back to my point. I’m crossing Topanga and some dumbass in a white truck decides he wants to make a left from Nordhoff onto Topanga…uh, nah homeboy I’m crossing shoulda truned when the light was…um GREEN! or YELLOW!….this was of little importance to this douchebag so he turned anyway. He quickly realized I was in the way and got stuck in the middle of oncoming traffic…he proceeds to inch his way into the lane while calling me a “f**kin’ idiot” and countless other things that I couldn’t hear because I was deep in thought as to who the fuck this guy thinks he is. A car honks at him and he continues to yell insults at me and produces a sandwich(of the deli sort) which he throws at me at 5mph.

Now, I am not much of an athlete but, I’m not about to let someone insult my intelligence with a half eaten turkey club so I did the only logical thing I could think of, I threw my soda at him. Normally I’d probably miss but, on this particular occasion and being that he was less then 10ft away while practically at a dead stop I managed to get that medium Sprite through his window and into his lap and probably all over his lady friend in the passanger seat.

The dude called me an idiot again hit the gas and took off. Although the sandwhich did graze my sleeve it only left a slight mayonaise spot.

I’m not really sure what to think because I’ve never been the victim of sandwich driveby and this guy was a moron.

Anyway, just thought I’d share that with everyone. Have a nice weekend.