In the first post in a few months, as well as of its kind! I bring you the weekly music nod. It’s simple, real simple. If it’s in constant rotation on my iPod, you should probably check it out. I’ll try to keep the selections current.

This week: Doomtrees Gayngs remix EP Affiliyated.

First and foremost, you should probably check out Gayngs 2010 debut album Relayted. I’ll let you be the judge of that album for yourselves, but it’s definitely worth a spin before checking out Doomtress remix EP. Also, the EP is available as a free download via various music blogs and websites. So there, technically you got two albums this week. Not bad for the first nod.

Affiliyated tracklist:
1. Fight, Fuck, Fall Asleep (Cecil Otter Regrind ft. Sims)
2. Coercion Van (MK Larada Regrind)
3. Cologne & Water (Paper Tiger Regrind)
4. Draper Drunk (Plain ole Bill Regrind ft Mike Mictlan and Chocolate Ox)
5. No Scrubs (P.O.S Regrind)
6. Sprinkle Juice (Lazerbeak Regrind)
7. Sand In The Lotion (Cecil Otter Regrind)